Tree Surgeon Services

We are a small, independent tree surgery firm based in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Fully qualified and insured, our team have many years experience in the industry and will provide a quality service you can rely on.
We pride ourselves on providing precision tree surgery and forestry services at competitive prices.
We use the latest techniques and equipment to carry out both domestic and commercial tree work.
We operate throughout the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire, Cumbria and surrounding areas.
Free quotations and initial assessments available on request.

what we do...

• Tree removal •
• Tree pruning •
• Tree planting •
• Hedging •
• Stump removal •
• Tree Inspections and Reports •
• Logs for sale •

About Arbores...

Arbores Tree Services specialise in all aspects of tree work and we offer a full range of arboriculture and forestry services.

All work is undertaken by experienced and professional staff who are fully qualified to NPTC standards.


Tree removal

When there is no other option but to remove a tree, we will either fell or dismantle it depending on location and safety of the operation. Dismantling will involve taking the tree down in sections and lowering to the ground using specialist equipment.

Tree pruning

We can prune your trees in a variety of ways to meet your needs.

• Crown Lifting - Removal of lower branches which increases ground clearance under the tree.

• Crown Thinning – Removal of branches throughout the canopy of the tree. This retains the shape of the tree but reduces the overall density of the crown.

• Crown Reduction – Removal of branches at the top of the tree to lower the height and control the size.

• Crown Cleaning – Removal of diseased, dying or dead branches for safety purposes and to help with the trees appearance.

Tree planting

We can plant an individual tree in a garden, right up to planting thousands of trees and creating woodlands.


We can plant a variety of species of trees or shrubs and maintain them to create the hedging you desire.

Stump removal

When a tree has been removed we can grind away the stump to below ground level using specialised equipment.


Seasoned soft and hardwood logs delivered to your home.

Tree Inspections and Reports

Trees need constant monitoring and inspections. We can carry out inspections and write reports identifying hazards and work requirements.

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